Free workshop for dancers
How to breakthrough in bellydance
17 of September
12 P.M. Toronto time
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For who:

Intermediate dancers aiming to progress to higher skill levels
Advanced dancers looking to fine-tune their technique and expand their dance vocabulary
Professional dancers seeking to enhance their artistry, refine their performance

Meet your speaker

Director of "Tiara" bellydance studio in Toronto
Marta Korzun
Bellydance Champion of the World (IDF)
Teacher of multiple champions of the World, Ukraine, Russia
21000 students around the world
Owner of educational online bellydance platform "Shimmy and Shine"
Organizer of festivals "Bellydance Drive", "Arabesque", "Shimmy"
Master teacher in more than 55 countries
Co-organizer of "Masriyatt" intensive in Toronto
Judge with international dance category IDF
Video training
"5 the most exciting movements in bellydance"
All participants will receive a gift
Как стать профессионалом в восточном танце
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