8-9-10-11 October 2022
«Dance like a Goddess»
Free mini course for dancers
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What will you get:

Improve your technique, hand movements and artistry
You will dance more musically and more harmoniously
The best price for full version of the course "Dance like a goddess"
For three days you will get access to the most popular course for dancers "Dance like a Goddess"

For whom?

For dancers who want to reach a new level of skill
For performing dancers who want to stand out on stage, win competitions and express their individuality
For teachers who want to develop to give students the best result


Champion of Ukraine 2006
Worldwide known bellydance teacher (57 countries)
Two-time World Champion in oriental dance among professionals (Italy) according to IDF
Teacher of multiple Champions of the World, Europe, Ukraine and Russia
Silver medalist of the international festival "Nile Group" (Egypt)
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