How to become a professional
in bellydance
Webinar for all level dancers
21 of june
at 20:00 Moscow time
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What we will discuss at the webinar:
  • How to relax to make your dance confident and memorable
  • How to conduct an effective training and have progress in dance
  • We will learn a combination dedicated to arms
Speaker of the webinar Marta Korzun
Marta is a belly dance star from Ukraine, one of the most prestigious master teacher and bellydancer in the world.

She is a unique performer and teacher of Raks El Sharqi, has her own unique individual style.

From USA to Japan, from Europe to Australia - her work is known and loved all over the world! Beautiful lines of hands, sculpted accents, spectacular posture and of course the extraordinary charisma! All this just make you fall in love with Marta and recharge a lot of energy !!!

Bellydance champion of the World (Italy)

1st Runner up of «Bellydancer of the Universe» (USA)

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